Heat pump adapter

For Energy Management in a Smart Home with a Heat Pump


A solution for many households that are looking for a comprehensive and intelligent solution for managing solar energy at home. This solution is offered by SolaXPower by integrating the heating solution with the existing energy management system in the house.

With the newly developed SolaX Adapter Box, homeowners can now connect their heat pump to the SolaX smart energy storage system and control the heat pump directly with the SolaX inverter.

During the day, when PV power is sufficient to meet the household’s regular power needs and the battery is fully charged, the SolaX inverter settings can be used to divert the excess solar energy to power the heat pump, thus maximizing the share of generated energy for personal use to reduce electricity bills.

We offer this solution for people living in high-tariff areas who prefer to reduce their bills, but also generate income from the sale of solar energy to the grid. You can decide for yourself what is the best way for you thanks to SolaX’s intelligent energy control capabilities.


Thanks to the SolaX Box Adapter, the inverter will be your smart home energy manager to be able to control the overall energy consumption of your home and maximize your energy consumption.

There are three heat pump operating modes to choose from:

The first mode – Turn off

In this working mode, the working function of the adapter box is disabled.

The second mode – Manual

In this operating mode, you can change the operating mode of the adapter box from off to off via the inverter settings or the SolaXCloud mobile app. to on or vice versa.

The third mode – SmartSave

In this operating mode, users can set a number of parameters on the SolaX inverter to intelligently control how and when the heat pump works for them. Parameters including power threshold (a), power consumption threshold (b), battery SOC threshold (c), heat pump minimum run time, heat pump cumulative run time, scheduled heat pump run times, etc.

Here users can set the power threshold. When the power supply is greater than or equal to the set value, the junction box will turn on and the heat pump will heat the water to a higher temperature.

Users can set the power consumption threshold. When the power consumption (from the mains) is greater than or equal to the set value, the junction box will be switched off, SolaX will stop supplying electricity to the heat pump.

Users can also set the battery SOC threshold. When the SOC of the battery drops to the set value, the adapter box will switch off, SolaX will stop supplying power to the heat pump.


User Scenarios in SmartSave Mode
(with default settings)


System Details

X1 / X3 Hybrid G4

SolaX T 3.0 Battery

SolaX Adapter Box

Choice Of Heat Pump

Extended Home Energy Management Function

When purchased together with the SolaX EV charger, homeowners can realize a complete SolaX home power solution with solar energy storage, heat pump function, EV charging function and more in the future. SolaX gives homeowners a greener and more independent lifestyle with solar energy.


Heat pump adapter